BTS | Love Local

By Gabrielle Chalmers



Sustainable fashion can be a long process for producers and consumers alike. But all patience of inputs and outputs are worthwhile when it comes to contributing to the local community. 



Loving local suppliers and industry professionals is no longer a romantic notion, but rather an important necessity for the current fashion landscape. Some may see the sustainable fashion movement as a global "token" fad, but with the depletion of natural resources, abuse of human contribution (if not already outsourced to machinery), and over consumption; sustainable fashion is a shift in consciousness that we as a brand are grateful to contribute to.

There are many ways we collaborate with our local fashion community and one of the greatest relationships we have is with our treasured manufacturer of our organic cotton jersey. Luxury womenswear is too often tossed around without having respect paid towards fabrication, which is something we carefully consider. We are proud of the fact that we source and produce from excess stock of locally produced, organic cotton. Regardless of the cost we absorb, we believe the health benefits to the consumer is a worthwhile luxury that may one day (hopefully) be the norm.

Beyond fabrication, all business inputs are sourced from Australian providers including wash tags, size tags, swing tags, and packaging. Each garment is locally produced, by our maker Emma. 

All of these conscious brand decisions may be deemed as part of "sustainable fashion", "luxury fashion", "local fashion", but for Midnight it is simply a desire to empower everyone who takes part in the brand.

Midnight is yours.