BTS | The Fit

By Gabrielle Chalmers

Midnight Fit


What is the most important thing about MIDNIGHT?

It is undoubtedly the fit. 


Midnight Fit


Each and every piece is specifically designed for the individual in mind, rather than the mass market. If you want an ordinary Tank Top there are literally millions to choose from.

But MIDNIGHT pieces are to covet. To wear with love, and to love you back, because the fit is right for you.

Time and thought is heavily invested into learning who you are, where you are, where you want to be, and what you do with your time, so that garments are carefully constructed for an intentional fit within your lifestyle. Clean and contemporary silhouettes are cut not because of a "size group", but because the garment is intended for wearability across a lifetime not a commercial season.

That is why almost every garment takes at least 3-4 months to design and get it right. To ensure it has an inclusive identity of it's own that translates to real life movement, weather, and living. Every single detail has a purpose.

We do not fit on fit models, because there is no standard sizing in this world. Therefore we consult with real life women in different industries, size ranges and cultures to ensure premium fabrication is hand crafted to the perfect fit, and supremely finished so that you can tailor MIDNIGHT.

We are on an endless quest to take women to a place where modern culture meets conscious living. Where every female is their most powerful self.

That starts and ends with the fit.


MIDNIGHT always collaborates with the dream team.
Photography, Georgia Smedley- @georgiasmedley
Sarah- @sheepsheila