Midnight Muse | Helen Anna

By Gabrielle Chalmers

How many times have you had a pre-sleep Instagram scroll only to stumble upon yet another amazingly beautiful feed and completely reassess your social media approach?

A lady behind one such feed is Helen Anna. 

When I first came across Helen's account my eyes exploded with love and joy- I had to know the Vancouver living, banana loving lady legend who kept me awake for days and inspired for many more. I've come to know Helen as a daring and immensely talented woman thriving in a male dominated industry whilst juggling a seriously impressive creative "side hustle".

The way that Helen unashamedly makes art of the world around her reminds me that the person is often more breathtaking than the feed.

What does home mean to you?

Home is about building an environment where you feel calm and content.

What is a typical day for you?

I’m at my day job from 8-4, and I’m very grateful that having a stable career empowers me to be creative on the side. Evenings and weekends are when I can explore art, places, things and people! Each day of the week starts with a bucket of coffee and most days end with some sort of cheeky beverage [or ice cream - more on that later]. Life is far too long to deny yourself the things you want!  

What is something you would like to see in the evolution of “girl power”?

Let’s rename “girl power” to “human power”. We should just be helping each other out, regardless of gender.    

Where would you like MIDNIGHT to take you?

I love the simplicity of MIDNIGHT. Style may be an extension of our character, but getting dressed shouldn’t take a million years!

What is something you would like to inspire in others?

I’d like to inspire creativity in people. Recently a girl in France got in touch with me to say something she’d seen on my Instagram had inspired her to buy a paint set! She was having fun getting messy and creating things for the first time in her adult life. That made me really, really happy

Top travel tip for Vancouver

Vancouver is having an "Ice Cream Renaissance" with amazing, independent ice cream parlours all over the city which are open until late. So if you’re coming to Vancouver, bring your appetite and a pair of stretchy pants! 

Inject more colour into your world, follow Helen- @helananas.