Midnight Muse | Helen Anna

How many times have you had a pre-sleep Instagram scroll only to stumble upon yet another amazingly beautiful feed and completely reassess your social media approach? A lady behind one such feed is Helen Anna.  When I first came across...

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BTS | Love Local

    Sustainable fashion can be a long process for producers and consumers alike. But all patience of inputs and outputs are worthwhile when it comes to contributing to the local community.      Loving local suppliers and industry professionals...

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Art | Yves Klein

  There are many incredible sentiments to take from art and the layered subcultures a persons practice creates. The ripple effect of a colour, a form, a medium- deep to some, nothing to others. What has been ever inspiring in the...

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About Midnight

Dedicated to sustainable, multifunctional designs, MIDNIGHT garments are of a limited run, carefully created to inspire the powerful.

Focusing on versatile pattern cutting, high-end detailing, and luxurious fabrics, we work to epitomise custom tailoring for the individual that exists between modern culture and conscious living.

Each silhouette is clean and contemporary with an emphasis on wearability.